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Often we find ourselves in situations where something that we use is running out. It could be deodorant, toothpaste or just about anything else that comes in a container. There usually is a large variety of products for us to choose from, but I prefer to stick to the same brand if I am satisfied with it. However it's sometimes challenging to find the same exact product a few months down the road. Maybe the store has ran out, maybe they decided to stop carrying it altogether, either way it's no longer available when I need it. At that moment I could choose to compromise and try another product or brand, but I would prefer not to.

I would like to see an application which allows me to scan ordinary barcodes and automatically add the products to my shopping list. I could then choose to re-order and have them delivered to me before they run out.

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  1. Stefan Hakakian says:

    Great idea! If that existed, I would have had the water filter in my fridge replaced a long time ago lol. I don’t want to take the time to go to amazon or whatever to find it.

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