Professional Experience
New York, NY
Sr. Enterprise Systems Architect
  • Architected the re-launch of Sesame Street GO, adding the capability to connect multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Web and Roku to a single back-end (API) and support for cross-platform entitlement (subscribe once, play anywhere). The paying subscriber base grew from 700 to 10,000 within eight months of the re-launch.
  • Coordinated with multiple internal steak-holders in creating a technically detailed RFP. Vetted vendors for various components of the project such as the API server, content management system, payment platforms, and mobile app design.
  • Evaluated the current content distribution process and created tools to batch ingest video, metadata, thumbnails and captions into Kaltura. This allowed us to more than double the amount of content available for the Sesame Street GO re-launch.
  • Created a CMS for managing and deploying HTML5 and Flash games. The CMS was created with a serverless design utilizing AWS API gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, S3 and CloudFront for serving. Atlassian Stash and Jenkins were used for versioning and deploying.
  • Performed load testing on the API and evaluated the mobile app’s conformity with the API specifications prior to launch.
  • Automated the configuration and deployment of the API server using Puppet, giving us the ability to have consistent development, test and production environments.
  • Rewrote and improved the iOS, Android and Roku payment system integration code; Improving reliability, decreasing the number of new support cases, and causing an overall improvement in the App Store reviews.
DevOps Engineer
  • Evaluated cloud providers in context of our requirements, price and performance. Then created a detailed dynamic spreadsheet to estimate the price to fulfill our requirement at different service levels ie. standard vs reserved instances, different managed service vendors.
  • Built puppet manifests and modules required to automate provisioning of eight types of server instances, and built ant scripts to facilitate one click builds.
  • Fully migrated our entire web infrastructure to RackSpace under an aggressive deadline of thirty days. The new infrastructure design saves our company over $200k annually.
  • Created a system which triggers event handlers to restart applications and servers during error conditions and then send out detailed status reports for each event allowing hands off operation.
  • Set up a highly available internal DNS system using nictool for API and web administration, overcoming the lack of such offering by RackSpace and Amazon Web Services.
  • Created a custom varnish configuration that speeds up delivery of assets and overcomes a major application deficiency. This allowed us to start deploying media heavy HTML5 games.
  • Created scripts to perform one-click synchronization of content from our cloud based production environment to our in-house test and development environments.
  • Deployed a companywide GIT server using Atlassian Stash, and then migrated all of out SVN repositories and deployment scripts.
  • Developed a C# application to facilitate synchronization of HR data between PDS and ADP.
  • Performed detailed benchmarks of different storage and network configurations and managed to triple the throughput of SMB transfers to 500MB/s paving the way for 4K video processing.
Web Developer
  • Administered the Sesame Street website, which serves over 100,000 visitors per day
  • Converted and microsites from Akamai to Amazon CloudFront, saving over $300,000 annually in video streaming costs
  • Implemented a clustered Citrix XenServer environment with hands-free provisioning of Ubuntu VMs
  • Created puppet scripts to automate provisioning and configuration of servers
  • Scripted deployment of four microsites, virtually eliminating all deployment process errors
  • Created and tested a caching configuration that reduced data center requests by 99%, allowing the Sesame Street website to handle the 500% traffic spike resulting from the site being centrally featured on the Google homepage
  • Developed dynamic load testing scenarios in NeoLoad for AJAX calls, CMS downloads and user account management
  • Applied over 600 hours of load testing results to recommend and develop site optimizations
  • Planned, deployed and supported the department toolbox server consisting of JIRA for bug tracking, SVN for version control, Hudson for automated code deployment, MediaWiki for centralized documentation, Google Urchin for deep analytics and Crowd for centralized user management and single sign on capability
  • Automated 20 processes using SQL, Perl and Bash, virtually eliminating human errors and saving 150 man hours per year
  • Developed a C# GUI and Excel VBA controls to streamline the import of assets into company content management system
PhoneCharge International SMS
Glen Cove, NY
Co-Founder and Technical Director
  • Co-founded a technology startup which specializes in transaction processing via text messaging and web applications
  • Spearheaded IT functions, working with founders to generate and refine ideas, then developing software to implement them
  • Developed a database-driven website with over 40,000 lines of ASP.NET and C# code and 5,000 lines of SQL code
  • Wrote software that constructs GIS objects from census bureau ZCTA, TIGER LINE data and optimizes their lookup in SQL
  • Pitched ideas to clients during formal and informal business meetings
Ithaca, NY
Software Developer
  • Developed a virtual instrument for performing spectroscopy experiments in LabView 8.  This instrument synchronized 4 external and internal hardware components for signal generation, acquisition and provided central control
  • Wrote a driver for Highland Technologies P400 Timing Module. Quality of the source code and documentation prompted Highland to adopt the driver, subsequently rewarding the lab with discounts on their hardware
  • Designed and implemented a department-wide LAN using a high speed interface and shielded cabling, reducing interference and improving the overall experiment accuracy
  • Developed a web-based technical support and ticketing system using PHP
Ithaca, NY
Technical Support Specialist
  • Provided one-on-one technical and computer support to over 100 faculty and staff
  • Maintained 3 departmental Windows NT servers and one HP-UX server
  • Developed Java and shell script tools to track down network problems and improve the office efficiency
  • Assisted in installation of a 16-machine Linux computational cluster
Sydney, Australia
JIRA Workflows Training
JIRA Reporting and JQL Training
JIRA Administrators Training
JIRA Fundamentals Training
New York, NY
Advanced Google Search Appliance Training
Washington, DC
Google Search Appliance Training
Los Angeles, CA
Liferay Core Product Training
San Jose, CA
A10 Load Balancer Training
Additional Experience
Clearwater, FL
Web Developer
  • Developed the official Blondie and Dagwood website that was in use from 2006 to 2009
  • Created graphics, games and dynamic content using Macromedia Flash, ActionScript, and Adobe Photoshop
  • Developed a definite site design from loose ideas presented by the client
IM Away
Ithaca, NY
  • Developed a multi-threaded text answering machine robot for AOL Instant Messenger, prior to others creating a such service
  • Developed an API (using Java, MySQL and OOP) that forwards instant messages to users’ mobile phones via SMS
  • Researched the AOL Instant Messenger protocol and developed a proprietary Java library that communicated via the protocol without use of preexisting commercial components
Ithaca, NY
  • Started a secure co-located Linux shell, MUD, web, and DNS hosting service for over 50 customers
  • Developed a business website and a customer front-end using Java, JSP, MySQL, Perl and shell script that allowed users to change their mail settings, sub domains, processor/memory quotas, and sub-accounts. The developed control panel was the first of its type on the market, and was later sold to a business partner
  • Created a website templating system using XML and XSLT, allowing web designers to modify the look and feel of the control panel without any prior knowledge of Java
  • Installed and configured RedHat and Slackware Linux, Apache, Exim, Java Servlet Engine, PHP, MySQL and Bind
  • Received a merchant account and developed a billing system to automate customer credit card billing
  • Located and enrolled clients using various online marketing techniques